COVID-19 Protocols for Walk-In Services

Due to the current COVID-19 situation here in New Zealand, we have implemented new procedures for booking a walk-in mare service at Waikato Stud. These procedures will ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our staff, yourselves, and the community.

We ask that you fill out the Walk-In Service Booking Slip and send it to Mark prior to contacting us for an appointment time. This includes even if the mare comes a second time, but not in the case of a cross-cover.

As per our new Walk-In Mare Protocols, all walk-in services will be contactless, the QR code is to be scanned at entry and the driver is to remain in their vehicle at all times. Waikato staff will unload and reload the mare at the completion of her service. We request that you do not attend our property if you are sick, have COVID-like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has.

To run through the process:

1-            Fill out the Waikato Walk-In Service Booking Slip form in its entirety.

2-            Take a photo of the completed slip and send it to Mark Chittick’s mobile (not email) 021 433 252.

3-            Mark will send you a reply text in confirmation of receipt.

4-            Wait to hear back from Mark with confirmation of a timeslot.

5-            Upon arrival at Waikato Stud for your booking, please follow the WS Walk-In Mare COVID Protocols.

This process is MANDATORY for ALL walk-in mares and must be completed for every visit. We have the right to refuse entry if it is deemed in the best safety interests of Waikato Stud.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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