Garry’s Corner – June 28

Well,it’s great to have our internet organiser back,at my age the memory slips so I need to report any news while it’s news..Have I something to say ,you bet . It is time to be positive,I was so frustrated with the mixed messages we are receiving I took up the invitation to call the Racing Boards Chief Executive to get his views on how we are going .
I must emphasise this corner is memory only, it seems recording is not the done thing, Bill English should definitely record his own conversations to avoid such an embarrassing need to apologise to the nation for being selective with his thoughts, I would hope the Sunday paper referring to our Chairpersons involvement in this saga is not a reflection of her views on governance . So among all this turmoil John Allan and I had an unrecorded conversation (or at least at my end), here goes.
Current turnover,well Garry the bottom line of 148m looks attainable ,mind you the Lions tour is the key . Well I can understand the difficulty in sustaining the budgeted expectation with the number of cancellations beyond anyone’s control in the past season. I thought after is this as important as we think . In my discussions at a reported lunch with Racing Boards senior staff who expressed the view there is too much racing at minor clubs they have had the opportunity to measure the use of imported product ,even at short notice . The only losers were owners who missed out on whatever stakes may have been on offer so we have the Euchuca’s, Colac’s Beaudesert’s and so on ,just what the boys thought was the answer. There is a cost to aligning with Paddy Power,only 25m , which we don’t have ,but the improved opportunity to wager we will have recovered this exposure in three years an two months,wonderful ! And precise budgeting,more precise than ever.
Race Fields is currently in the draughting process, well that’s a start, based on the confidence shown perhaps the bookies will offer odds, shortening as the months stretch out. Mind you I was reminded that 24m divided by two was the most exciting increase in stakes for some considerable time. A lot longer and less than the 36m increase in personnel cost,but you know ,it’s important to retain those who have made such a difference. My understanding is the appointment of so-called Independent Board members requires the support of Code and Board Chairpersons, John assures me this is not imperative, I don’t know or have an opinion of Bill Birnie but if my information is correct John needs to read the act. Perhaps a Judicial review might clear the air. Now, the hairy chestnut, the rumour is the Deloitte’s report commissioned by the Thoroughbred Racing Board deserves at least the consideration of the Racing Board , it is confidential and I have nor want at this stage no knowledge of its content but if Allan Jackson and his Board believe it has merit then I have the confidence in them to support them. It apparently will be presented to the Racing Board at their next meeting. John on being questioned gave nothing away ,neither he should except to say it was based on assumptions,well so is 80,000new customers, Paddy Powers performance, reductions in race days,and so on . You know what I think ,I think the Deloitte’s report should be available to all those who understand the needs of the future,the collective knowledge of the industry should be able to judge for themselves if a change will or will not produce a result such as the change in Queensland ,assuming they are right a benefit of some 30m,assumptions are usually predictions of the future ,you don’t need assumptions of the past you need analysis.Publication may be just what the Board needs ,support will fairly fall where it should.
Finally TV ! We won a race on orange the other day ,could have missed it with racing on both channel 62 and 63 plus other codes on both channels can someone please tell me why not gallops on one channel. I was given the figures per time of TV exposure wagered for each code, I will save them until further research but you can rest assured galloping has the support that definitely sustains the functions of our infrastructure. How’s that for unrecorded information, mind you I will have missed something ,it can wait until next time,if there is one. Back to the Corner. G

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